Sashti Balasundaram

Sashti Balasundaram

Sashti Balasundaram

Speaker | WeRadiate

Getzville, NY |

As an avid community composter, Sashti’s personal vision statement is to promote ecological consciousness across communities through mentorship, civic engagement, and sharing values of waste reduction, to create a better society, while also creating and facilitating happiness. Sashti has previously worked as an Educator and Sustainability Coordinator for the Brooklyn Urban Garden School (BUGS), wthe NYC Compost Program Hosted by the Lower East Side Ecology Center, and Recycling Coordinator with the Mayor’s Office at City of Buffalo. He has spoken at New York State Federation and NYSAR3 Conferences with his compost endeavors.

Session Name: Technological Innovations for Compost Manufacturers from Small Scale to Large

Session Time: Wednesday, January 29, 4:15 to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Mobile Technology for Data Monitoring Efficiency

Presentation Summary: This presentation will discuss mobile IoT (Internet of Things) technology and the ability to support real-time compost data monitoring of valuable site metrics. Hardware and software interface enables processing facilities to learn and track key variables such as temperature or moisture throughout the compost process.  This information enables users to increase compost efficiency by improving labor practices, time savings, and educational insights. Learn how new mobile technology is supporting sites to comply with PFRP standards and assist with STA certification.