Sashti Balasundaram

Sashti Balasundaram

Sashti Balasundaram

Speaker | WeRadiate

Rochester, NY |

Sashti Balasundaram, is an educator and CEO of WeRadiate. WeRadiate’s smart-sensor technology digitally tracks data variables such as compost temperature that make it easier for operators to ensure healthy high quality standards. Sashti was a student and teacher of the NYC Master Composter Program. The first experiments were conducted in community gardens across Brooklyn & Queens. After years of testing and feedback, it has turned into an entrepreneurial career.

Session Code: D4

Track: California

Session Name: Community Composters – An Emerging Sector

Session Time: Thursday, Jan 26, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Presentation Title: Remote Monitoring Technology and Smart-Sensors

Presentation Description: This session will focus on community composting technology and WeRadiate’s smart-sensor compost system. We will discuss the role of innovation, technical assistance and data can play in expanding the success of community composting initiatives across California. WeRadiate’s platform is a turn-key solution for compost sites to use digital data, sensors and IoT-connectivity to track, record and monitor piles anywhere.