Scott Gamble

Scott Gamble

Scott Gamble

Speaker | Waste Management, Inc

Scott Gamble has over twenty-five years of technical and facility operations/management experience in the waste management industry. While he has worked on various solid waste landfill and transfer projects, the majority of his career has been spent in the organic waste management industry where he has completed feasibility and design projects, commissioned new facilities and helped with troubleshooting at existing sites. In addition to his technical and engineering knowledge, Scott has extensive operating experience at composting and other solid waste facilities. This includes almost ten years working at or managing landfill and composting facilities in the Edmonton and Calgary areas. In his current position, Scott supports the development of new sites and optimization of existing facilities across the US and Canada.

Session Code: 4B

Track: Business

Session Name: Is Your Facility in Compliance – Multi Site Operator

Session Time: Thursday, February 8, 8:30 – 10:00 AM

Presentation Title: Site Management and Optimization in a Multi-Facility Environment

Presentation Description: In addition to the hundreds of recycling, transfer and disposal facilities it owns across the US and Canada, WM also operates dozens of organic processing sites. Safely managing these facilities on a day-to-day basis while staying compliant with regulations and encouraging efficiency improvements involves coordination between a number of teams within the company. Scott will provide a high-level overview of some of the methods and tools that WM uses to promote operational consistency and best practices at these composting facilities, measure and communicate site performance, and provide visibility into operations for senior managers.