Sherrian Jones

Sherrian Jones

Sherrian Jones

Speaker | City of Plano

City of Plano, Plano, TX | (972) 742-0413 |

Texas Pure Products Operations & Marketing Manager – 12+ years, 5th Generation Texan, Master Gardener/Master Composter – Presentations throughout Collin County through Texas A&M on plant selection and soil enhancement.

Presentation Title: Receiving Liquid Organics into the Compost Field – Texas Pure Products

Session: Managing Difficult or Unusual Feedstocks

Time: Tuesday, January 29, 4:45 PM – 6:15 PM

Presentation Summary: Texas Pure Products is owned and operated by the City of Plano and creates organic, OMRI listed compost from yard trimmings. These yard trimmings are collected from five member cities in a Member City Regional Composting Agreement.

The ligneous characteristic of the feedstock has exceedingly slow breakdown. This requires ample organic contributions from local grocery stores and vegetable/fruit processing facilities to facilitate good microbial growth and feedstock decomposition.

Preventing runoff, odiferous feedstocks, and vectors such as flies and birds are constant challenges in such an operation. Several process controls are used to mitigate these challenges. One such process control is building a receiving pad 2-3 feet deep from the ground yard debris feedstock. This acts as a sponge for liquids brought in by organic haulers. The organics and liquids are immediately encapsulated into a large row using particular percentage of yard waste feedstock to organics dropped. This fresh encapsulation is allowed to remain in place for approximately 8-10 weeks to allow absorption, and first stage breakdown of the combined materials.

After the initial encapsulation waiting period, the rows are turned and watered until we are ready to break out the material into smaller windrows to do final PFRP. During the entire process moisture and temperatures are monitored to ensure peak breakdown of materials. Upon completion the rows are harvested, screened and cured. This practice has not only awarded us with faster breakdown, but more importantly with a very high quality, nutritious compost product beneficial to the soil.