Solange Ackrill

Solange Ackrill

Solange Ackrill

Club Coffee | "Coffee in the workplace and the role of compostable pods, pre-pandemic and future looking"

Toronto, ON |

USCC Member

Solange Ackrill has built a reputation as a brand strategy innovator with a deep understanding of the food retailing environment, with some of the giants of the industry including Walmart, Loblaw and Maple Leaf Foods. Solange has led teams and contributed to major strategic initiatives that have generated profitable results by anticipating and aligning effectively with rapidly-changing shifts in the market. As the VP of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, and part of the Executive Leadership team, Solange is playing a central role in focusing the company’s resources towards driving sustainable growth.

With Club Coffee’s launch of the world’s first certified 100% compostable coffee pod, Solange is helping connect consumers with the innovation they seek, while building partnerships with a diverse array of innovative coffee brands across North America. Solange also serves on various boards and committees across various industries.

Session Code: B1

Session Name: Diverting Organics: Composting Challenges in the Workplace

Session Time: Tues, January 26, Round 1, 1:30-2:30 PM EST

Session Description: Learn what is happening in sports venues, health care facilities and office settings both pre-pandemic and now, to bring composting to employees, customers and visitors.

Presentation Title: Coffee in the workplace and the role of compostable pods, pre-pandemic and future looking

Presentation Description: The impact of covid in the workplace, in particular offices, has been pivotal. There is an increased concern for food safety, human health and food security while balancing a need for staff engagement and improved experiences. The traditional communal office coffee pot is shifting into an on demand space with coffee pods creating a more premium experience and potentially a more sanitary one as well. With the increase of pods the demand for sustainable packaging solutions has emerged and compostable pods can be a solution reduce single use plastic and help divert food waste from landfill. Collaboration across the supply chain will be critical to ensure compostable solutions are properly certified and tested to ensure they can be properly processed.