Stan Slaughter

Stan Slaughter

Stan Slaughter

Speaker | Missouri Organic Recycling

Kansas City, MO |

USCC Member

Stan is a 30 year veteran of the composting movement. He became a full-time compost educator in 1992. He was awarded the Clark Gregory award as the Nations Outstanding Grass Roots Compost Educator in 2000. He has presented workshops at three previous USCC conferences.

Session Name: Biochar and Compost: Exploring the Synergies

Session Time: Thursday, January 30, 2:00 to 3:30 PM

Presentation Title: 3 Years of Biochar Co-Composting

Presentation Description: Missouri Organic Recycling has been producing and marketing a high-content biochar compost for three years. The presentation will visually demonstrate our methods and ingredients. We will cover our marketing outreach and the nature of our customers for this product. Product testing data and feedback from local growers will be included. New to us this year is an influx of interest from medical marijuana growers.
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