Stefanie Siebert

Stefanie Siebert

Stefanie Siebert

European Compost Network | "Welcome to VirtualCOMPOST2022"

Bochum, NRW |

Stefanie Siebert is Executive Director of the European Compost Network ECN e.V. and responsible for the management of ECN and for developing and implementing the ECN strategy and policies. She coordinates the ECN’s representation and lobbying activities. She is involved in several Experts Group of the European Commission (Bio-based Products; Fertilisers, Soil imporvers and Growing media). As ECN’s Quality Manager she is responsible for managing the ECN-Quality Assurance Scheme and author of the ECNs Quality Assurance Handbook. Stefanie is soil scientist and has a PhD degree in natural science. Since 2000 she is working in the biological waste management sector. She was technical officer of the German Humus and Substrate Industry (VHE), Quality manager and European policy adviser of the German Quality Assurance Organisation (BGK).

Session Code: OP

Session Name: Opening Plenary

Session Time: Tues, January 26, 12:00 PM EST

Session Description: International Compost Industry Leaders welcome you to VirtualCOMPOST2021 with issues and successes from around the globe.

Presentation Title: Welcome to VirtualCOMPOST2022