Tay Dunklee

Tay Dunklee

Tay Dunklee

Speaker | City & County of Denver

Denver, CO | tay.dunklee@denvergov.org

USCC Member

Tay Dunklee is a Program Administrator for the City and County of Denver’s Solid Waste Management division, specializing in education and community outreach for Denver’s recycling and composting programs. She is helping to grow composting efforts in Denver in all forms, including the expansion of the Denver Composts curbside collection program, the expansion backyard composting resources, and the use of finished compost to help close the compost loop locally.

Session Name: Growing Your Market: DOTs, Urban Applications

Session Time: Thursday, January 30, 8:30 to 10:00 AM

Presentation Title: Collaboration and the Compost End Market in Denver

Presentation Description: The City and County of Denver’s compost collection program, known as “Denver Composts”, has grown steadily from a geographically-limited pilot program of 2,300 participants in 2008 to a robust, city-wide program with more than 20,000 participants collecting 9,000 tons of food scraps and yard debris in 2019.

Combining the program’s historic growth, potential policy change for the Denver Composts program, and additional diversion required to reach the City’s 2020 sustainability goals, the compost program is poised for significant growth in the coming years. To help create end market demand for the ever-growing supply of finished compost made from the food scraps and yard debris collected in the City’s green compost carts, City staff created a new program to distribute compost back into the community and increase awareness around the end uses and value of utilizing local compost. Thanks to a collaborative partnership with the City’s compost processor (A1 Organics) and a local retailer (Rocky Mountain Ace Hardware), the City was able to create a pilot program that enables residents to purchase bags of Denver-branded, STA Certified Compost known as Denver’s Own EcoGro(TM) Compost at all Denver metro Ace Hardware stores. Based on the success of the 2019 pilot, the program is slated to expand in 2020.  This presentation will discuss both the creation of the partnership and the end market.