Tim Steckel

Tim Steckel

Tim Steckel

Workshop Instructor | Compost Marketing Agency

Cleveland Heights, OH | hot@compost-marketing.com

Tim Steckel is a Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of Compost Marketing Agency. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration / Service Management with his majors in Financial Services and graduated from Harz University of Applied Sciences (Wernigerode, Germany). He is an active participant in the Ohio Compost Council and an USCC Young Professional. His clients value the integrative approach he takes to solve complex marketing problems. Involved in startups and established businesses, Tim knows the challenges that entrepreneurs face in today’s digital marketplaces. His professional goal is to #makecompostmainstream. Tim’s marketing expertise includes ranking pages #1 on Google, marketing automation, email marketing, copywriting, marketing strategies for small businesses and integrated marketing. Tim has diverted over 15,000lbs of food scraps from his neighbors with a micro-compost collection in his driveway. He raises compost worms and holds vermicomposting workshops.Connect with Tim Steckel on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steckeltim

Workshop Time: Tuesday, January 24, 1:00 – 4:30

Workshop Title: Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Compost Businesses

Workshop Description: Summary and topics covered:

  • Google Business practices for increased local visibility.
  • How to create a content recycling process.
  • Solving participants’ concrete marketing problems