Wayne Howard

Wayne Howard

Wayne Howard

Speaker | Compost Research and Education Foundation

Raleigh, NC | waynehoward@compostfoundation.org

Wayne Howard is the Program Manager with the CREF. Born and raised in Eastern NC, Wayne move now calls the Raleigh area his home after graduating from North Carolina State University’s with an M.S. in Biological Engineering. He began his career as an agricultural consultant then shifted into water supply system assessment with the State of North Carolina. As program manager, his focus is training logistics working to ensure current and would-be composting professionals expand their foundation of composting knowledge at locations across the country.

Session Code: 3C

Track: Compostable Products

Session Name: Field Testing Programs and Experience

Session Time: Tuesday, January 25, 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: The Compostable Field Testing Program from CREF

Presentation Description: When deciding whether to accept compostable products with food scraps – what’s in and what’s out – it pays to go beyond the lab to see how products breakdown in real-world conditions. Join a panel of field testing experts and compost manufacturers to talk about the ins and outs of on-site disintegration testing for compostable foodware and packaging. Two field testing programs and three composters will share the lay of the land and practical experiences in field testing, and how you can field test on your site.