Xinci Tan

Xinci Tan

Xinci Tan

Speaker | Zero Waste Sonoma

Santa Rosa, CA |

As the Organics Program Manager for Zero Waste Sonoma, I oversee contracts, education, and policies related to composting in Sonoma County, CA. One of my primary responsibilities is assisting the Cities and County in implementing the state law Senate Bill (SB) 1383: Short-lived Climate Pollutants, which mandates residential and commercial participation in an organics collection program. With the anticipated increase in organics diversion, I’m part of a team exploring options to site and construct a new composting facility. In addition, I am currently implementing a food recovery grant and managing a countywide food recovery capacity study.

Session Code: D1

Track: California

Session Name: Regulatory Trends and Experience

Session Time: Wednesday, Jan 25, 8:15 to 9:45 AM

Presentation Title: Compost Rebate Program and Other Solutions to Satisfy SB 1383 Procurement Targets

Presentation Description: In most of Northern California, the demand for finished compost and mulch often exceeds supply. Although the state’s SB 1383 organic waste products procurement requirements were well-intentioned, they are challenging for jurisdictions in Sonoma County to satisfy without disrupting existing markets. Zero Waste Sonoma has developed a compost rebate program that will preserve and leverage existing market relationships, minimize costs to local jurisdictions, and support local efforts to encourage carbon sequestration.

Session Code: G5

Track: Chapter and Member Development: Dig It at COMPOST2023

Session Name: Build Your Cation Exchange – Takeaways to Exchange Back Home

Session Time: Thursday, January 26, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Presentation Title: How Can Chapters move the DEI needle? (USCC DEI Workgroup)

Presentation Description: Chapters will work with USCC’s DEI Workgroup to discuss ways that Chapter activities can provide access, equity and inclusion for local members.