The USCC’s Annual Conference and Tradeshow is the premiere professional meeting
for composting, organics recycling, and related topics.

Why speak at COMPOST2024?

The Conference routinely attracts over 1000 attendees working directly in the fields of compost manufacturing and organics recycling. This guarantees speakers outstanding professional exposure as well as great networking opportunities. Lead speaker and poster author for each talk/poster receives the discounted speaker rate of 50% off.

Presenters can expect to have 20 minutes for their presentation, plus a few minutes for Q & A. Proposed presentations should include information directly relevant to compost manufacturing and related professions. Both case studies and research reports are welcome. Case studies may not simply espouse the benefits of a single product or service but must make a more general point (ie, no “infomercials”).

Abstracts for talks should be clear and concise and be no more than 300 words. A review committee will rate all abstracts.  Ratings are based on content, clarity, format and USCC membership.

New Registrants

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USCC Annual Conference this year is coming with variety in education session delivery format. Please choose what type of session format your abstract will best fit in. A different session format can be chosen for each abstract as required. If you have any questions, please contact Gowri Sundaram,

Concurrent Sessions:

These sessions provide an opportunity for several speakers to present in a formal setting. The content includes best practices, how to-s, case studies, insightful stories, emerging trends and technologies, advocacy, marketing, business, new perspectives, etc. Each presenter gets 20-minutes for their presentation. The 20-minute individual abstracts are grouped together for 90- minute session.

When submitting the proposal mention that you intend to plan the whole round yourself including finding the 3-4 speakers or you are willing to allow your presentation to be assigned as a 20-minute presentation with other speakers

Round Table Discussion:

The topic for this session is all about the most trending topic in the industry. There are two roundtable session in COMPOST2024 covering the topics like PFAS, the Farm Bill, technology, data mining, compost infrastructure, compostable products etc. Please choose your expertise in the subject area drop down.

Tool Box Talk:

These presentations will be done in the manner of Ted Talks. A space in the exhibit hall will be allocated on Day 1 of the conference, where a series of speakers will share an inspiring story or an insight into emerging trends, industry safety, breakthrough research etc. Each speaker will have 20-minutes, 15- minutes for presenting and 5-minutes for Q&A, followed by the next speakers’ presentation.

Mini Workshop:

This workshop runs for 1.5 hours on Day 1 or Day 2 of the conference, besides the traditional preconference workshop that runs for half day and full day. This is a brief intensive training workshop specialized on one particular topic. The presenter is responsible for designing their whole session. USCC will help with A/V. Instructional materials and other logistics needs to be arranged by the workshop instructor on their own. Here are few topic suggestions – Choosing Equipment for your business, safety, business startup.


In addition to the two days of five concurrent tracks, we have several half-day and full-day preconference workshops. We are interested in expanding and diversifying our workshop offerings. If you have a workshop on any topic related to compost manufacturing, organics collection or diversion, or compost markets and uses, you are welcome to propose it.

To propose a workshop, please choose Workshop in the program type and include the following in the submission

Workshop Title

  • Instructors, including brief bios
  • Duration (half-day (3-3.5 hrs) or full-day (6-8 hrs)
  • Summary and Topics covered
  • Agenda or outline
  • Teaching methods
  • Expected learning outcomes
  • Where have you taught this workshop, or similar ones, before
  • We do not pay for workshop development or instructor travel, but we do split the net revenue, with a guaranteed minimum. Instructors also receive complimentary conference registration.

Research Track for CREF:

The COMPOST RESEARCH & EDUCATION FOUNDATION is organizing a full research track at the US Composting Council’s Annual Conference. This track is open to anyone who wants to present their research but preference will be given to peer-reviewed research papers. Please choose “Research Track for CREF” in “Program type” when submitting abstract.


Mastermind session is a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting. Instead of how-to presentations, masterminds have a heavy focus on big vision planning and complex problem solving. If you’re an entrepreneur or speaker or subject matter expert this is an ideal session for you. A mastermind session is different because it is intended to be a roundtable discussion, where attendees learn from each other as much as they do from the facilitators and presenters.

Contact Information for Speakers

Gowri Sundaram: