Monday, January 24

Full Day

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Foundations of Composting
This intensive and interactive one-day training will cover the basic concepts, practices and “how to’s” of commercial compost production. The course will provide a broad foundation for novice compost operators, managers and regulators and will refresh veteran composters on the underlying scientific principles. Subjects will include: Basic principles of composting, process insights, facility design and management, feedstock properties, qualities of compost, odor control, major processing methods, and an overview of markets for compost.
Robert Rynk and Matthew Cotton8:00 - 4:30$320/$395
Adding Food Waste to your Compost Facility
Operational and structural strategies to upgradewindrows and static pilesto handle high energy feedstockswith mixes, pile shape, turning frequency and passive or forced aeration.
Jeff Gage, Michael Bryan Brown, Orion Black-Brown and Jake Saavedra9:00 – 4:30$320/$395
Compost Sales & Marketing – from Waste to Wealth
Welcome to an all-inclusive course on successfully branding, pricing, marketing, selling, and distributing your compost while developing & maintaining key relationships through the process. This course is suitable for both beginners and those experts looking to increase their sales.
Ryan Cerrato and Emma Yates9:00 – 4:30$320/$395


Half Day

Composting Mass Animal Mortalities
Since the 2015 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak in the Midwestern United States, composting has become the primary animal carcass disposal method for mass poultry mortality events due to disease or natural disasters and has been used in every major avian influenza outbreak the US since then. This workshop will cover both technical and legal aspects of these challenging situations.
Gary Flory, Bob Peer and Mark King1:00 - 4:30$215/$265
Compost Carbon Connection
Detailed overview of the connection between compost and climate change, and the opportunity for composting operations and use to help reduce the impacts of climate change.
Sally Brown, Andrew Carpenter, Scott Subler1:00 - 4:30$215/$265
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Austin Large-Scale Composting Tour
Join us for a tour of two of the primary facilities processing organics from the City of Austin, Organics By Gosh, taking source-separated organics, and Hornsby Bend, processing biosolids.

Organics by Gosh (OBG) is a green waste and food waste composter that serves the greater Austin area. Located on 180 acres in Elgin, Texas the facility is co-located with a quarry which provides much of the materials for its soils blending operation and with Oldcastle which takes about 20% of the company’s output for its bagging operation. OBG takes 100% of the City of Austin’s curbside residential foodwaste/greenwaste programs which services 200,000 households. The Company also collects post-consumer food waste from over 300 area restaurants for its composting operation. OBG has a depackaging operation which de-packages pre-consumer food waste for industries within the region. Compost is processed utilizing windrows with the final product sold directly through its retail operation or delivered to its blending operation where the company produces soil blends.

Hornsby Bend Compost Faciilty (operated by Synagro)
In November 2018, Synagro was awarded an up-to-10-year contract for biosolids composting by the City of Austin, Texas, effective November 1, 2018. This contract has enabled the City to move to a 100-percent composting solution with Synagro responsible for production of the iconic Dillo Dirt* compost historically produced by the city.In addition to Dillo Dirt compost, Synagro produces and markets its own All Gro™ compost brand of high-quality finished compost and has invested in expanding the market for compost in the Austin area. The city of Austin is saving approximately $1.0 million per year having entered this public-private partnership with Synagro. Duration: 4.25 hours (1st bus departs at 8:15 and returns 12:30. Second bus, if needed, one hour later)
8:15am - 12:30pm$149/$199