Blue Sky Organic Farms

WHEN: Monday, Jan. 28, 12-3 pm

     ****Ubers departing Renaissance lobby at 11:45, 12 and 12:15 pm

WHERE: Blue Sky Organic Farm, Litchfield, AZ (20 minutes away)

What began as a love of cooking (and eating) is now much more!  David Vose started as a young chef with a dream to farm.  After years spent learning the importance of excellent quality ingredients in the kitchen, he couldn’t help himself: he had to get dirty!  David has now become so skilled at growing organic produce that he has developed a reputation for excellence in not only the farming sector, but the produce and restaurant communities as well.  The name ‘Blue Sky Organic Farms‘ is consistently met with enthusiasm and excitement both in Arizona and as far away as New York, Boston and even San Francisco!

WHAT: Cleaning out Animal Pens

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We are looking for a donor of 20 pairs of canvas workgloves.