Please provide an abstract FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES BELOW. Abstracts should include all the keys points that will be addressed in the proposed presentation. Abstracts should be clear and concise and be no more than 500 words. A review committee will rate all abstracts. Ratings are based on content, clarity, format and USCC membership.


Abstracts may be submitted after that date but will receive a lower ranking and may not be considered.

Please use the Abstract Submittal Form to submit your presentation for consideration.


  1. TITLE OF PAPER: Follow standard title capitalization. Scientific names should be italicized and not be preceded or followed by quotes, commas, parentheses or other markings.
  2. AUTHOR NAME(S), AFFILIATION, AND ADDRESS: The first name should be the presenting author. NOTE: For individual presentations with multiple authors only one author is eligible for the “speaker rate” registration fee. For full sessions the organizer and up to 4 panelists are eligible.
  3. MAXIMUM LENGTH: One page, 500 words
  4. PAGE SIZE: Standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper (portrait)
  5. MARGINS: 1-inch margin throughout (left/right/top/bottom)
  6. SPACING: Single-spaced
  7. PARAGRAPHS: Paragraphs may be separated by a blank line and should be indented.
  8. FONTS: Character fonts should be 12-point type, Times New Roman or Arial
  9. Refer to sample abstract for correct format

Please include your complete contact information as well as a brief biography of the presenter highlighting career and presentation experience.


Authors will be notified in September 2018 regarding the status of their submitted abstract. Authors will be required to provide a PowerPoint-type presentation at the conference for inclusion in the on-line proceedings. An accompanying paper may also be provided for inclusion in the conference proceedings. Authors will be required to agree to having their presentation audio-recorded for use in the proceedings.


Contact Cary Oshins,, 484-547-1521