Jesse Wiser

Jesse Wiser

Jesse Wiser

Speaker | Hiwassee Products

Jesse Wiser is a co-founder of Hiwassee Products, a manufacturing companyspecializing in equipment for producing biological amendments from high-microbial compost. Jesse has written about this process for Acres USA and networked with farmers, biologists and consultants across the country to promote farm-made biological solutions to soil degradation. In addition to building connections throughout the fields of regenerative agriculture and soil health, Jesse practices horticulture and experimental vermicomposting at his home in East Tennessee.

Session Code: 3C

Track: CREF Research

Session Name: Compost and Soil Health

Session Time: Wednesday, February 7, 4:15 – 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Composting for Soil Health – Principles and Practices

Presentation Description: This session will describe the connection between composting and high-quality sustainable / regenerative agriculture, particularly in how abundant microbiology drives soil health. Topics will include:

  • Role of microbiology in sustainable agriculture, soil health, crop nutrition etc.
  • Specific composting methods focusing on microbiology (especially vermicomposting)
  • Creating and applying liquid biological amendments from high-microbial compost
  • Assessment methods for microbiology in soils and compost products
  • Environmental, economic and social impacts