Clifton Passow

Clifton Passow

Clifton Passow

Speaker | Biodegradable Products Institute

Clifton joined BPI in 2023 as the organization’s marketing director. Clifton has over 12 years of experience creating cross-platform marketing and PR strategies within the sustainability industry and is passionate about doing work that makes a positive impact on business and in the world. Clifton’s expertise is in creating compelling cross-platform marketing content and strategies around complex topics that help launch, grow, and transform brands by uncovering opportunities behind data, and foresight to connect trends to the bigger picture.

Session Code: 6B

Track: Circular Economy

Session Name: Difficult and Unusual Feedstocks

Session Time: Thursday, February 8, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Presentation Title: National Organic Program Changes: Composter Opportunity in Organic Agriculture

Presentation Description: Compost approved for use in organic agriculture often commands a much higher price, and may be required by certain customers. However, there are limitations on feedstocks that can be accepted. Something as small as a compostable PLU sticker on fruit, or a compostable food scrap bag, could disqualify an entire compost operation from the organic agriculture market. BPI recently petitioned the USDA to address this barrier, and will provide details on the effort and how you can engage.